Arabic Copywriting and Translation Services
and English car magazine

Launched in 2000, (hereafter "MT") is an automotive online service with professional copywriting and translation services for the auto industry (English-Arabic and French-Arabic).

Most of our production is supplied directly to clients, without being necessarily published here. Hence, this visible section of MT shows "only" samples of our features about new car models and technologies (since 2000), in addition to with our – different – English features (more below).

Arabic automotive copywriting and translation services
Ford BLIS, Cross Traffic Alert, Collision Warning with Brake Support
MT puts its expertise in the Arabic automotive editorial and technical fields since the late eighties (see "About us" below), at the service of car manufacturers (OEMs or their PR / advertising agencies in the Middle East), as well as auto suppliers, tuners, importers and dealers.

This service provides professional automotive copywriting and translation between English and Arabic or French and Arabic, for full press kits or simple press releases, as well as technical illustrations and specifications.

Jobs made for our clients are never published on our sites, unless sent by the client to our editorial service and clearly intended for editorial use.

Was launched in 2005 as a car magazine open to the general public with a selection of automotive news and features. Suggestions and comments are always welcome from our contact page.

About us and are published by Bechara Aboul-Nasr (M.A. Psychology, Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon), former editor (1988-2000) of the weekly automotive section in Al Hayat international daily newspaper, when it was based in London, UK. He moved to the South of France in 2000.

All features in and are signed with the writer's name, under the or logos, or, in the case of carmakers news, with the source "Carmakers News" clearly indicated, since they reflect, by definition, the views of the issuing companies. Carmakers News are edited to keep what we deem most relevant for our publication.