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Launched in 2000, motiontrends.com (hereafter "MT") is an online service with professional Arabic automotive articles for publications, in addition to separate copywriting and translation services for the auto industry.

This site provides samples of our features, as most of our production is sent directly to the clients, without being published here.

More about the services
Ford BLIS, Cross Traffic Alert, Collision Warning with Brake Support
MT puts its expertise in the automotive editorial and technical fields (since the late eighties, see "About us" below), at the service of Arabic publications, specialists (autos, sports, culture...) or generalists (politics, enonomy), with flexible payment methods, per article or on a monthly basis, with easy cancellation fifteen days before renewal (by e-mail with confirmation).

The copywriting and translation services (English-Arabic or French-Arabic) are available to the car industry for full press kits or simple press releases, as well as technical illustrations and specifications.

Jobs made for our clients are not published on this site unless so requested by the client.

Our other sites

Librementdit.com is a completely different publication (in French), a sort of breathing space for a free expression on different subjects, such as the impact of the current wars in the Levant / Middle-East on our lives, East and West, by someone who lived both sides of the story. Librementdit.com started with two essays on the demographic and religious landscape evolutions and challenges (1950-2050), with statistics from the United Nations and the PEW Research center (Washington, D.C.).

AutoPressNews.com car magazine (English), launched in 2005, discontinued in 2016.

About us

Motiontrends.com, autopressnews.com and librementdit.com are published by Bechara Aboul-Nasr (M.A. Psychology, Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon), former editor (1988-2000) of the weekly automotive section in Al Hayat international daily newspaper, when it was based in London, UK. He moved to the South of France in 2000.

All features are signed with the writer's name, under the motiontrends.com or autopressnews.com logos, or, in the case of carmakers news, with a clear "Carmakers News" indication, since they reflect, by definition, the views of the issuing companies. Carmakers News are edited to keep what we deem most relevant for our publication.